What are the procedures for clearing goods from Isfahan customs? + expenses

Being located in the center of Iran and having various industries such as steel and iron smelting, Isfahan province constantly needs to export and import goods, and this process is very vital and important for industries.

Isfahan province also has agricultural industries and this has caused the need for a customs terminal in Isfahan. In Isfahan, you can send your commercial and non-commercial goods to all parts of the world from Isfahan Shahid Beheshti Airport terminal.

In Shahid Beheshti customs office of Isfahan province, not only customs clearance procedures are performed, but this customs office is also active in passenger matters, sending and receiving postal deposits, enforcing laws related to violations including smuggling, performing matters related to abandoned or confiscated goods, etc.

Isfahan province, being located in the center of Iran, is far from the water and land borders of the country, but this distance has not only prevented the export related affairs, but has also led to the development and improvement of railway lines, highways and airlines of this province. .

Highway routes, railways and air lines have made the distance between this province and the water and land borders of the country to be very small and ground cargoes can be sent as quickly as possible.

The customs terminal of Isfahan province is not far from the country’s capital, and this has led to many transactions with Imam airport customs and convenience for traders.

In addition to Isfahan Customs, traders and merchants in Isfahan Province have access to two other customs, which are Zob Ahan Customs and Mobarake Steel Customs, both of which operate in different matters.

We will explain some of the things that Isfahan, Zob Ahan and Mobarakeh Foulad customs do in the following:

    1. Clearance of export goods and imported goods
    2. Definitive and temporary goods clearance

Isfahan Customs is located 5 km from Isfahan-Shiraz road, after City Center, and is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

راهنمای جامع ترخیص کالا از گمرک اصفهان با تاسکو کارگو

What are the stages of goods clearance from Isfahan customs?

Clearance of goods from Isfahan Customs and Shahid Beheshti Airport of Isfahan has the same steps and processes as other customs. Thanks to electronic and legalization of all affairs, customs affairs are not exempted from this rule and this operation has become very simple.

If you have done the clearance operation before and you are familiar with the issues and procedures, you may not encounter many problems during the clearance operation, but if you are not familiar with the rules, it is suggested to use a consultant or guide.

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You can contact the specialists and consultants of Tasco Cargo Company and get free advice. Tasco Cargo specialists are your best companions on the way to customs clearance in Isfahan.



To clear the goods, you must go through the following steps:

  • All you have to do is enter the official website of Iranian customs at gov.ir and register your declaration. This website can be used not only for Isfahan customs, but also for all customs throughout the country.
  • After entering the website, you must fill in the forms and upload the required documents. It may be a very simple task at first glance, but we have to tell you that this task is so important that the legislators have set penalties for entering information incorrectly.
  • While entering the information and uploading the documents, you should be careful not to enter incorrect information, because if you enter the wrong information, according to Article 27, the guilty person will have to pay a fine.

Note: After uploading the documents, etc., you must write down or print the serial number and reference number and keep it with you until the completion of the clearance process.

  • Authenticate goods and check forms

After completing the forms on the official website and system of Iran Customs, at this stage the forms will be checked by the technical department of the customs and if they confirm your information, you can receive the registration number or cottage number of your goods. .

Receiving the cottage and registration number indicates that you have been able to correctly enter the information in the official ELP customs system of Iran.

  • Control the goods and determine the route of the cargo

The goods are divided into 3 categories and 3 main colors upon entering the customs. The first category is the galas that do not require laboratory and quality control to enter the country, which enter the green route.

Other goods are transferred to yellow or red routes according to the need for laboratory services or quality control.

In these routes, the experts match the value of the goods, the declared value of the goods, customs records, etc. with the documents and, if approved, move them to the next stage.

  • Receive the relevant product license

As you know, no goods are allowed to enter the country without a permit, so you must apply for the necessary permits. Regarding the imported goods, you can refer to the standard organizations, health, atomic energy, road ministry, etc. and get the license you need.

If you receive the necessary permit, you will be transferred to the next stage of clearance from Isfahan customs.

  • Settlement of bills

For imported goods, different amounts and amounts are received from importers, and according to the approved law, all amounts must be received from the importer. At the end of the full article, we have explained the costs and bills.

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In general, after paying all the bills, a green permit slip will be issued to you and you can receive it.

  • Refer to the warehouse

At this stage, the import goods clearance operation is almost over, only you have to make the necessary arrangements with the warehouse. Settle with shipping companies and pay warehouse bills as needed to obtain a warehouse permit.

  • goods release from Customs

Now you have finished all the steps and you can receive your imported goods. You have to get the storage bin from the warehouse.

Please note that the warehouse keeper must stamp the green customs slip. After the green certificate is stamped, transport your goods to the desired destination.

What documents are needed for goods clearance from Isfahan customs?

Having the required documents is the most critical stage of customs clearance because you need them from the first stage of uploading the documents in Iran’s ELP customs system to the last stage of Bijek Anbar.

You need the following documents in all stages of goods clearance from Isfahan customs:

  1. clearance
  2. Warehouse Receipt
  3. A bill of lading that includes a full description of the condition of the goods (number of containers, weight of the goods)
  4. Pre-invoice or proforma
  5. main factor
  6. packing list
  7. Certificate of Origin
  8. Commercial order registration form (ELP system printout)
  9. If there is an insurance policy
  10. Certificate and standard license
  11. Legal permits received from relevant authorities
  12. Certificate of inspection
  13. The original and image of the importer’s business card
  14. The original and the image of the national card of the importer
  15. The original and photo of the national card of the importer’s representative
  16. Original and copy of importer’s notarized power of attorney
  17. Original and copy of letter of introduction for customs
  18. Copy of importer’s power of attorney
  19. Copy of the importer’s insurance book

How much is the cost of customs clearance in Isfahan?

In the process of clearing goods from Isfahan customs, we explained to you that you have to pay a series of invoices and amounts. In the following, we will discuss the costs that you have to pay. These costs are divided into 2 categories, which are:

  1. Costs you have to pay in customs

The amount or customs fees that you have to pay at Isfahan Customs is calculated through the following formula.

Pre-invoice amount X exchange rate X commodity tariff percentage

A series of small expenses such as warehouse receipts, printing declarations, varnishes and stamps are not considered as an amount compared to other expenses.

Another amount that you have to pay is the standard fee, which is calculated on a scale of eight per thousand, for example, if you import 100 euros of goods, you will have to pay 8 euros of the standard fee.

The cost of goods that require laboratory approval or quality approval are also calculated separately, which you must also pay.

For the last bill, you have to pay the storage fee and Bijek. This invoice is determined based on the tables of warehouse companies.

  1. Fees payable upon discharge
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Generally, the expenses paid by the clearing company are related to the workers’ fees for clearing or loading the goods.

If you do not have a business card yourself and you use someone else’s business card, you must also pay the third party business card tax.

At this stage, you have to pay the fees related to the commercial receipt, which means that for every 1000 euros of your proforma invoice, you have to pay 5 euros to customs.

Customs clearance companies in Isfahan

There are many experts and companies in the field of Isfahan customs clearance. These companies help you a lot in the customs clearance process. With their high knowledge and expertise, these companies avoid being fined and suffering damages during the procedures. Because these companies are fully familiar with the rules.

We introduce to you Tatilate Aram International Holding of Tasco Cargo Bar Service Company.

Tasco Cargo Company, relying on 13 years of experience and having specialized forces and expert experts, is ready to cooperate and accompany you in the customs clearance process. You can contact your experts through the numbers below to get free advice.




What is the best work clearance from Isfahan customs?

There is no doubt about the fact that you need a work clearance to clear your goods from customs, but the important question is what are the best work clearances?

It is not possible to say exactly which are the best job clearances in Isfahan, but you need to know the following to choose a good job clearance:

  1. Your work clearance must have sufficient mastery of the materials and knowledge related to the laws, because in the clearance stages, mastering the issues alone can solve your work.
  2. Your Isfahan work clearance must accept the measures related to goods clearance with the support of its history and experience.
  3. The opinion and satisfaction of previous customers and importers about your work clearance is also an important factor for choosing Isfahan work clearance.

Now, with all the said things, we introduce Tasco Cargo company to you, as a work clearance in Isfahan, they can accompany you in the customs clearance process of Isfahan.

With 13 years of experience, mastery and knowledge, Tasco Cargo Company can clear your goods from Isfahan Customs.




Customs clearance of Isfahan and Shahid Beheshti Airport of Isfahan with Tasco Cargo

In today’s world and in our country, importing goods is one of the most profitable jobs that people can engage in. You just need to find your target community and assess their needs and earn a lot of profit with basic marketing. Now you might think to yourself, if this job is so profitable, why doesn’t everyone do it?

We have to tell you that the difficult procedures of customs clearance should discourage people, but now Tascocargo is here to accompany you on this path. Tasco Cargo Company is ready to help you with the benefit of experts and specialists in this field. It is enough for you to contact the consultants and experts of Tasco Cargo Group with the following numbers.




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