Who is the work release? What duties does work clearance perform?

ترخیص کار کیست و چه وظایفی دارد؟ تاسکو کارگو

If you are an importer or a trader or deal with various customs matters, you must have heard the term work clearance and maybe you have the question, who is the work clearance? What are the duties of work clearance?

In the continuation of this series of articles on the Tasco Cargo website, we want to answer this question and other questions that have formed in your mind, so stay with Tasco Cargo until the end of the article.

What is clearance of goods and what operation is called clearance of goods?

Goods clearance is a series of steps that the importer or its representative must go through to import the goods into the country.

Clearance of goods from customs is a process including affairs and formalities of export or import of goods that are carried out by the importer or its legal representative who has legal representation to remove the goods from the customs warehouse. Now, the legal representative of the importer must have sufficient knowledge and mastery of the laws.

Who is work clearance and who is called work clearance?

Work clearance is actually a natural or legal person (operating as a company) who becomes a legal representative on behalf of the importer or exporter to do all the goods clearance and customs affairs for the person.

Since the work clearance is the legal representative of the importer or exporter and has full authority on their behalf, he can even perform some administrative actions and tasks before the goods enter the country as a representative of the goods, and this causes the costs and The clearance time will decrease significantly.

In another article on Tasco Cargo’s website called “What are the stages of customs clearance and how much are the costs? We have fully explained the procedures and costs of goods clearance from the customs and Isfahan Customs, and it is suggested that you visit that article as well.

Whenever the export or import cargo from sea, land or air sources moves to the destination and enters the customs of the company, the work clearance can refer to the relevant customs with complete transportation documents and receive the warehouse bill.

In this article, we explained to you what the warehouse bill is and what steps you should take to receive it.

Nowadays, due to the fact that most of the processes and matters related to clearance of goods and financial documents have become electronic and online, the clearance of work can undertake and carry out declaration, declaration of origin, receipt of currency and code of Satna Bank.

According to the work performed by the clearance worker, he declares the goods in the ELP system and if he is not eligible for tax exemption, the amounts related to the customs are calculated and paid, and the goods in the customs are placed in 3 lanes, green, red or yellow.

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What are the duties of work clearance? What should work clearance do?

It is natural that choosing an expert clearance can shorten your clearance process and avoid huge costs and fines.

Professional work clearance must have the following features:

  • The work permit holder must be familiar with all the rules and terms and have sufficient mastery of the relevant rules.
  • With his profession and experience, he should perform customs procedures and formalities and classify different goods.
  • He should determine the value, declared value and inferred value of the goods based on the rules of Inco Termaz.
  • He knows the import and export permits and can guide you in obtaining the necessary permits
  • Work clearance can determine and adjust the customs documents and commercial documents required for declaration based on your permits.
  • Work clearance is familiar with the rules and processes in the warehouse, and this will shorten your time process.
  • The professional work clearance recognizes the papers issued by the customs
  • Professional work clearance, knows customs formalities and accompanies your goods in every way
  • Work clearance follows up and solves problems in case of problems and defects in the process.

Who is the customs duty and what are the conditions required to receive the duty card?

The duties of the right to work with the customs work clearance are almost similar to each other, but they have one difference, which we will explain below:

Certain conditions are required for the right to work in order to be licensed. The work permit is given to a person who has a commercial card and that person can be accepted in the customs exams that are held every year.

The conditions for receiving a business credit card are as follows:

The applicant must be at least 25 years old and must not be employed in government jobs. One of the most important conditions is having a business card and not having a bad record. If he meets the mentioned conditions, he must also be accepted in the customs exam.

Introduction of professional work clearance in Isfahan - goods clearance from Isfahan customs

In Isfahan, there are many clearance services for goods clearance from Isfahan customs, and it is not possible to say with certainty which one is the best. To choose a professional and experienced work permit, you should pay attention to the following points.

Your work permit in Isfahan should have a high level of experience in this field in order to be able to solve possible obstacles and problems.

Your work permit in Isfahan must have sufficient knowledge and mastery of the laws in order to reduce the time and costs of the process.

The work permit should be well-known and prominent in this field, especially in Isfahan, for this purpose, you can also use the opinion of the previous clients of the work permit.

Tatilate Aram International Holding - Tasco Cargo Company, work clearance in Isfahan

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The experts of the Tasco Cargo Group are highly proficient in matters related to customs affairs, customs clearance (especially Isfahan customs), and with high knowledge in this field, they can speed up your import and export process and save you from huge costs.

The first profession of the Tasco Cargo collection is to obtain customer satisfaction, and to prove your claim, you can survey the customers and businesses that have cooperated with this collection. Undoubtedly, the most reliable and well-known work clearance company in Isfahan is Tasco Cargo.

Tatilate Aram International Holding, Tasco Cargo International Shipping Company can do the following:

  • Carrying out goods clearance (importation of goods)
  • Carrying out sealed cargo (export of goods)
  • Transit and transportation of goods
  • Obtaining export licenses (ISO)
  • Supplying goods and products needed by traders
  • Carrying out all matters related to sending international cargo
  • Providing free specialized consultations in the field of export and import affairs

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