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Tatilate Aram International Holding With the experience and brilliant work record for more than a decade in the fields Tourism, trade, international transportation and clearance of goods and customs affairs has started its activity in the city of Isfahan; This group consists of experts and experienced personnel who provide the best services to their customers in other matters related to the mentioned areas.

Tatilate Aram Company is one of the most famous and popular companies in the tourism and transportation industry with a committed and expert team and a brilliant history during its activity. Gaining customer satisfaction and the trust of major employers confirms this claim.

Tatilate Aram Company is one of the few companies that has succeeded in obtaining official licenses from various organizations in international sectors to provide multifaceted services to its customers; Adhering to professional principles and customer-centricity, Tatilate Aram Holding is proud to announce that it has been the first choice of top employers in the field of export and trade for many years.

The main activity of the company is in the supply of goods, international transportation, cargo and shipping services, tourism and goods clearance, which are explained in the following article.

All our efforts at Tatilate Aram International Holding, is to provide a comfortable trip for our customers, and the mission of Aram Holiday International Holding is centered around the peace and enjoyment of our compatriots from every moment of their lives.

For the convenience of its customers, Tatilate Aram Holding has provided you with the option of online refund so that you don’t have to worry about your ticket being canceled.

You can cancel your ticket at any hour of the day and night when you have a problem or miss your trip and have the ticket amount in your account with the lowest cancellation fee.

Goods Supply Department of Tatilate Aram International Holding

Tatilate Aram Company In the field of product supply, after evaluating and validating the top suppliers of domestic and foreign markets, negotiating and concluding a contract with them, he provides the requested product in excellent and premium quality to the requesting customer; With extensive activities and interactions in the field of import and export, Tatilate Aram Collection is able to provide you with the goods you want in large quantities and in the shortest possible time at the right price by eliminating the middlemen as much as possible.

Different types of handicrafts, agricultural products, marine products, protein materials, flowers and ornamental plants, types of dried fruits… are among the items that the company is able to supply.

Tatilate Aram International Transit Department

In the field of sending and transporting goods by air, land, sea and rail, you can enjoy door to door services, specialized packaging and warehousing! The personnel of the company are always trying to provide you with the safest, most reliable and fastest services related to the international transportation of other goods, including dangerous goods, perishable goods, commercial and non-commercial goods, at a reasonable and cheap price, and the export route make it smooth for you.

In order to learn more about the types of international transportation, you can refer to other articles on the Tasco Cargo website prepared in this field.

Department of Cargo and Foreign Cargo Shipping of Aram International Holding

Tatilate Aram Bar Service Company (Tasco Cargo) is with you in all matters of cargo reservation, cargo packaging, international cargo transportation and transit, obtaining customs permits and cargo clearance, shipping cargo to all parts of the world, and provides you with other relevant services in this field; Tatilate Aram International Holding will accept your commercial and non-commercial cargoes without any weight limit and send them to the destination in the shortest possible time after packing them safely and according to the type of goods.

In the cargo service department of Tatilate Aram Holiday Holding, it is proud to obtain the maximum satisfaction of its employers and customers through quick response, continuous follow-up of requests, quick inquiry of rates, free shipping services to the airport, basic and specialized packaging of goods, door-to-door services, consulting Free, specialized routing to reduce consumption costs and increase efficiency and profitability.

In the department of shipping goods abroad, the company has a brand Tasco cargo Which of the keywords of the phrase Tatilate Aram Sepahan, Cargo Servicetaken is known among merchants and traders; In this field as well, the company has used its maximum capabilities to reduce the problems that exist in the matter of export and trade for merchants and to be effective in increasing exports and foreign exchange for the country.

Tatilate Aram International Holding Tourism Department

Tatilate Aram International Holding In addition to its activity in the fields of international transportation and export, it is also considered one of the pioneers of the tourism industry; Tatilate Aram Holding by obtaining a ticket issuance license and paragraph A license from the Civil Aviation Organization, became a member of IATATourism permit from the cultural heritage organization is able to issue tickets for all domestic and foreign destinations, providing exciting tourism and entertainment tours inside and outside the country to you, dear tourists.

In this section, all matters related to pre-travel can be provided with the latest online ticket and hotel reservation system in all parts of the world; Visiting the tourist attractions of the destination country, services VIP And luxury, travel services (transfer, Farsi-speaking leader, insurance), city tour, nature tour, etc. are among the leisure plans to bring you the ultimate pleasure of travel and have a great and unique trip with us. experience.

Tatilate Aram International Holding's Customs and Clearance Department

Specialist experts of the collection, having knowledge of all the laws and regulations of this field, all measures related to the customs clearance process, including obtaining export licenses for all kinds of industrial items, clearance of special case goods, carrying out matters related to the temporary entry and exit of goods, carrying out customs affairs and formalities in other active customs of the country including Isfahan Customs, Isfahan Airport Customs, Imam Khomeini Airport Customs, West Tehran Customs, Astara, Bandar Abbas and Bahnar, Jask Port, Deir Bandar, Lange Port, Bazargan, Sarkhs, Lotfabad, Rimdan and Taftan customs for you. formation

If you need advice or guidance regarding matters related to any of the company’s service departments, you can contact the collection experts through the contact page and get our expert and free advice.

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