International cargo services Quiet holidays

Why Tasco Cargo To

Provider of comprehensive services in business and tourism, including:

-Doing zero to one hundred trade of goods from supply to clearance

-Specialized packaging, sorting, palletizing of all kinds of goods and summer products, fruits, nuts and industrial devices, dangerous and fragile goods

-Sending all kinds of commercial, export, perishable, dangerous and passenger overload goods, speed and accuracy in responding to customers’ requests

-Following the sent loads from the time of receipt to the time of delivery

-Having experienced and trained personnel

-Online rating on the site

Cargo tracking

Cargo tracking

Cargo tracking

The cargo tracking system is designed to monitor and check the shipping process after issuing the bill of lading and booking the cargo, and senders can be informed of the arrival process of their goods by entering the bill of lading number in the tracking link according to the bill of lading with the selected airline.

Freight services

Freight services

Freight services

Cargo International Holiday Holiday Company in the form of a wide and comprehensive network with all up-to-date and advanced facilities, including experienced and professional staff, dedicated warehouse, professional packaging department, international postal service ready to accept all foreign export products and Acceptance of internal load.

Load reservation

Load reservation

Load reservation

The consignor can register his cargo details by entering the cargo vacation site and make a reservation. The specialists of the quiet holiday cargo reservation department, by reviewing the reservation, will take the necessary action as soon as possible to follow up the reservation and accept the customers' luggage.
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destination country

Air transport

Direct and indirect flights to airports around the world, normal and perishable cargo

-Send ferries (extra cargo) to airports around the world

-Seasonal exports; Export of various products in accordance with the growing season (seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc.)

-Seasonal exports; Export of various products in accordance with the growing season (seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc.)

-Carrying out customs affairs at the origin

Ground transportation

-Sending foreign transit cargo

-Send in group

-Send home appliances and commercial goods by land

-Send perishable goods with refrigerated containers from land borders

-Carrying out relevant customs affairs

Maritime Transportation

-Carriage in container and groupage

-Carrying out cross-staff and transhipment affairs

-Carrying commercial goods

-Sending home appliances for immigrants

-Carrying out customs affairs of origin

railroad transportation

-Transportation of goods that can be transported by rail such as cement, stone, construction materials and…

-Rail transportation and delivery of oil, gas and oil liquids

-Rail transport of non-perishable materials

-With unloading and loading

-Fast delivery to the destination

-Doing zero to one hundred related matters

Export of industrial machines

To help the country’s industrial production cycle, Tasco Cargo exports domestic industrial equipment to various countries around the world and is proud to present its work experience in this field. Among the destination countries in the field of export of industrial equipment can be Turkey, Kuwait, Australia, Ethiopia, Canada and… He pointed out and we are proud that all these destinations are being added day by day.

Specialized export advice

380000 Toman

Distinctive service (VIP)

Distinctive service (VIP)

Tasco Cargo, with its trained and specialized personnel in the field of cargo packaging, with the aim of maintaining the health of the goods, ensures the accuracy and health of the cargo sent to the destination.

It should be noted that Tasco Cargo’s professional team offers its special expertise in packing dangerous and dangerous goods.

Communication with colleagues

Frequently Asked Questions

sample: Samples of export goods are sent for viewing, quality testing and buyer liking. Its amount varies depending on the type of material from minimum to about 250 kg.

Commercial: In order to sell and earn money, the seller sends the buyer abroad at an agreed price. Before sending the tariff and customs fee according to the value of the goods will be paid by the sender at the origin and the buyer at the destination.

Ferrite: Passenger overload that according to IATA law using a copy of passport and the image of the last ticket of origin to the destination for the passenger and the lowest customs tariff rate of origin and destination belongs to this type of cargo.

Hazardous:including flammable materials, acidic and corrosive substances, liquid petroleum derivatives, chemicals, oils, batteries, electronic devices, etc., which provide msds and special packaging such as metal boxes and cartons, as well as all safety issues. Turns.

Exhibition: The shipment that is sent abroad with the aim of participating in the exhibition. At the request of the customer, a temporary declaration can be registered in the customs system so that he can return to the country again. Usually, the exhibition headquarters can clear the goods at the destination.