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Tatilate Aram International Holding, with more than 13 years of brilliant experience, operates in the field of international cargo shipment from air, sea, land, and rail borders, as well as customs clearance.

Tatilate Aram International Holding is one of the few reputable international companies that is able to obtain special licenses such as veterinary, standard, seed and seedling and environment.

In the tourism sector, with a license from the Aviation and Cultural Heritage Organization, it has a brilliant history in conducting exhibition tours, obtaining visas, booking hotels and flights for business meetings of domestic and foreign businessmen.

To learn more about the various services of the company, you can visit the page about us and read the resumes.

Why Tasco Cargo To choose?

Provider of comprehensive services in business and tourism including:

Online freight rate inquiry on the Tasco Cargo website

Direct communication with manufacturers and selling products at competitive rates

Designing and carrying out exclusive and standard packaging

Carrying out 0 to 100 types of packaging from cartons to barrels, wooden and metal boxes

Having a covered and equipped warehouse

Customs formalities and issuance of bill of lading without the need for the presence of the passenger

Online tracking of shipped products

Performing international transportation services (air, sea, land, rail)

Door to door shipping worldwide

Free consultation with experts

Cargo tracking

The cargo tracking system is designed to monitor and check the shipment process after issuing the bill of lading and booking cargo, and the senders can be informed about the arrival of their goods by entering the number of the bill of lading according to the issuance of the bill of lading with the chosen airline.

Load reservation

The sender of the cargo can register his (or her) cargo details and reserve the cargo by logging into the Cargo Vacation website. The specialists of the Tatilate Aram cargo reservation department, by reviewing the reservation, will take the necessary action as soon as possible to follow up the reservation and accept the customers' luggage.

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Maritime Transportation

Usually, maritime transport is for goods and products with high volume and weight, which can be sent by ships suitable for transportation and from ports. It usually requires more time than other types of shipments, but in general, one of the most important The methods of transportation and trade are in the world, but not all countries have ports and facilities for shipping by sea, but in general, the most important method of transportation is maritime transport.

-Carriage in container and groupage

-Carrying out cross-staff and transhipment affairs

-Carrying commercial goods

-Sending home appliances for immigrants

-Carrying out customs affairs of origin

Ground transportation

Land transport using land fleet and road vehicles or rail transport to send this type requires a bill of lading and a permit to send goods. The advantages of this type of transport is a reasonable cost or against risks such as Rainstorms or sea storms are safer

-Sending foreign transit cargo

-Send in group

-Send home appliances and commercial goods by land

-Send perishable goods with refrigerated containers from land borders

-Carrying out relevant customs affairs

Air transport

Direct and indirect flights to airports around the world, normal and perishable cargo

-Send ferries (extra cargo) to airports around the world

-Seasonal exports; Export of various products in accordance with the growing season (seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc.)

-Seasonal exports; Export of various products in accordance with the growing season (seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc.)

-Carrying out customs affairs at the origin

railroad transportation

-Transportation of goods that can be transported by rail such as cement, stone, construction materials and…

-Rail transportation and delivery of oil, gas and oil liquids

-Rail transport of non-perishable materials

-With unloading and loading

-Fast delivery to the destination

-Doing zero to one hundred related matters

Specialized export advice

Distinctive service (VIP)

Distinctive service (VIP)

هلدینگ بین المللی تعطیلات آرام

Tatilate Aram International Holding – Tascocargo, by having trained personnel and experts in the matter of cargo packaging, with the aim of preserving the health of the goods, ensures the integrity and health of the cargo sent to its destination as a gift to its customers.

It should be noted that Tasco Cargo’s professional team offers its special expertise in packing dangerous and dangerous goods.

Sending freight (passenger overload).

One of the concerns of travelers from foreign countries is sending cargo with a smaller volume than usual, which means that if the traveler wants to send it with his (or him), he (or she) needs a passport and an exit permit.

But freight cargo does not need a license, and if it is a commercial cargo, the senders can use their license to send commercial goods.

Sending goods door to door

One of the very new facilities that can be called one of the best ways to send mail is sending the product from your home or workplace and delivering it to the destination.

It means that the sender and the receiver send their product with the least concern and at the highest speed, and this has caused a lot of acceptance by the people.

Sending commercial and export cargo

Considering that all the countries of the world do not have the possibility to produce products such as industrial agriculture or handicrafts, and we can use this opportunity and send our products to other countries and simplify.

It is enough to send this product to other countries at the right price and at the right time. For example, our country has four seasons. In terms of agricultural products, we have a high potential to send in all seasons.